Happy Blogiversary To Me

Six years ago feels like an eternity into my past.


What a wild ride.

I was a Canadian who had just moved to Australia, slowly going stir crazy and watching what little savings I had evaporate before my very eyes. I was struggling to find purpose, let alone a job, and for some crazy reason, I decided to fire up my extremely terrible laptop and write. I pulled up the second-hand coffee table, to the second-hand lounge and typed up my first post on my three hundred dollar laptop.


I could tell you not much has changed, but that would be an absolute lie.

  • I not only landed a job at Kmart, but then got promoted.
  • I switched jobs to JB HI FI, and then got promoted there.
  • I wrote the first (extremely rough) draft of a one hundred thousand word novel.
  • We moved from renting, to owning and this year we begin building our home.
  • I wrote two hundred and fifty eight posts (not including this one) for the blog.
  • Pop vinyl collecting went from casual collecting to hoarder. Alas, I am not ashamed.
  • I began a second blog about building a home.
  • We got two dogs, a miniature dachshund, and cavalier king charles spaniel.
  • I’ve been to (in no particular order) Japan, Italy, Croatia, Germany, France and the United Kingdom.


So much more to come with the actual building of the house this year, a final trip to New Zealand before we’re broke homeowners and that’s just the stuff I know about!

Where does that leave my writing?

Left for dead sadly. This year has not been a productive year for my novel. Each time I go back to look at it, I change it. I understand this is a good thing, however, it is also disheartening.

I mean honestly, when is it done? When will it be good enough to publish? I’ve paid for worse books, but does that justify my own novel not being at the level of the writers I adore? It’s really hard when the path ahead is so vague. I’ve watched a dozen Ted Talks and read a few books on writing a novel, but I suppose deep down I wasn’t sure I’d ever get to this point.

So in closing, after all four hundred words here, I have a question.

Does anyone have any good recommendations on editing your novel? Youtube Video, Ted Talk, book, ritual, sacrifice or even a new god to worship… I’ll take any and all suggestions!

Also, sorry for being super slack on the blog, as you can see above it’s been a hell of a time!

NaNoWriMo Day 12 – Struggles

I haven’t failed yet, but I am failing.

This isn’t a cry for help, nor is this me giving up.

This is me, admitting that I am behind (after being ahead).


This week has been particularly taxing and how easy others forget that what is important in their lives, may not be as important in another’s. In past posts I’ve discussed my job as a manager in retail and how often that can get in the way of my writing. Well, this week has been exactly that, but I’ll admit that I let it get between me and writing.

They say the first step to solving a problem, is admitting you have one, right?

My boss is away this week which means I get the fantastic task of stepping into her role which is the role I ultimately want as a store manager. However, this challenge also means I get to do my job as well as her workload. Ultimately, this works out to roughly a 90/10% split. I managed to run around, fix some things, chase up some stuff and keep things running relatively smoothly for operations and staffing without going too far into details. For my job, I managed to coach a few people and fix one of the tools that will save me a load of time going forward while I was on hold sorting out a customer issue.

How did all that work affect my writing? Well, not directly. But trying to do both jobs has been mentally draining as well as physically (I hit 10000 steps generally by midday). So all this week I’ve been coming home, walking dogs and trying to still do my stuff. This leaves me napping during the evening or too tired to write anything worth it. Even today was a full day (a great one though) but mentally I wasn’t 100%. Mix that with the heat and I find myself struggling to create decent scenes, or even write a sentence I don’t hate.

Tonight I wrote 470 words, after a few days on 0. So now my total is 17502 and I’m 2500 words behind. One strong day and I can come back, so long as the days coming up are at least 1700. That being said, I will have to be mentally prepared. I’ll keep you all posted, but how are you folks going?

Hopefully, you’re going better than I am!


NaNoWriMo – Le Huitième Jour (AKA Day 8)

Wow, a day off but most of my writing still happening after 9 pm. Managed to surge past 15000 words to 16156 and if I wasn’t working tomorrow, I’d try and push for more.

The current chapter is about the protagonist trying to understand the character in his dreams and figure out if he is a figment of his imagination. I am excited to show some twists down the track as to why he doesn’t know of this person through the first two novels in my other trilogy while also there will be hints as to how important this character is way down the line. Four novels in the series and all very intertwined.

Sometimes I love time travel!

This week I have to try and get pretty far ahead as I have a family get together on the weekend and I’m not sure how long I’ll be out. Either way, a writer can’t go wrong with a buffer! As of right now, I’m nearly two days ahead of schedule wordwise so hopefully that continues on!

The one thing I have to say I love about NaNoWriMo are the posts and the open discussion about writing that happens. This is actually better than the local writer’s festival which seems more like a hipster gathering rather than celebrating writers or helping them out. This frustrates me as there aren’t many things I could either attend (due to their time and my work schedule) or they just aren’t for me.

That being said, at the moment NaNoWriMo is my home and I can’t wait to get to that 50000 mark! Hopefully by friday I’ll be well and truly past 20000, and then I can smash the 50% mark!

Fun fact, during NaNoWriMo’s I’ve written 180000 words! Not too shabby! Maybe soon they should have a NaEdWriMo (National Editing Novels Month). I could use one! Hope everyone is killing it out there!

NaNoWriMo Day 6 – The Catch Up

First thing’s first- the totals!

Today – 2371, Total 13618!

Very happy with the resulting word count for sure! My target for today was to make up the 670 words I was too tired to write yesterday. Honestly, I should have started earlier today and I would have absolutely blown away the word count but I’m actually walking away from the keyboard wanting more. That’s right, I could keep writing!

That’s right, I could keep writing and I’m walking away!

You probably all think I’m crazy. But there are a few reasons!

Number one: Actual paycheck work, I need to be coherent for that at 7AM, which means feeding the dogs at 6AM so I can make it work on time.

Number two: I don’t want to be as tired as I was yesterday. After rereading my last four sentences, I probably should have stopped six sentences before that. Lesson learned.

Number three: I’m at a pivotal scene where the protagonist is trying to overcome his past to control magic, which is his future. I want to write it with as much punch as I can, and right now he’s struggling. I’m loving it!

Bonus Reason: I didn’t post on the blog yesterday, and I wanted to since I had a serious increase in traffic yesterday! (Thanks for swinging by!) Hopefully you folks are coming by to share your wins and celebrate mine!

Anyway, that’s it for now, I need to sleep but I have another day off coming up shortly and I’m pretty excited to write tomorrow! Hopefully, this momentum carries on for the rest of this week!

I decided my target date for 50k is November 18th. Not because Pokemon comes out or anything… but because… you know… goals.

See you on the flip side and good luck in the word trenches!

NaNoWriMo Day 4 – So Tired Already

Ha ha! I somehow did it, but I made a mad dash as best I could for that 10k mark and I did!

10065 is my current count, with 2300 words written today! I won’t lie though, I’m not sure how the rest of this month will go unless I take up some sort of caffeinated beverage. Hopefully Coke would like to sponsor me for the rest of the month? Red Bull? Anyone?!

20% of the novel down for this month, but I think I need to pick up the pace of the story a bit. This first 20% has set the scene and nailed the protagonist down, but as of right now he’s alone and experimenting with magic which doesn’t feel as though in another 30k words I’ll be hitting the climax. I’ll keep thinking about it, maybe the next 30k will be exceptionally hectic as his powers get out of control! Who knows? Not me, not yet.

Anyway, thanks for swinging by and feel free to share your wins or challenges in the comments below. For now? I’m going to bed!

NaNoWriMo Day 3 – Micro Update

Today – 2386 words in an hour and a half.

Total – 7765

3 Days in and rocking it! (Definitely tired though, need to work on writing earlier).

Aiming to hit that ridiculous 20% mark tomorrow (The incredible 10k!)

Hope everyone out there is going as well or at the very least writing!

should be writing

NaNoWriMo Check In – Day 2

So today I played the domestic god role and feel really accomplished, especially because I got my writing in under the wire too! Let’s go through my day in a nutshell!

Woke up. (Good start, but a late one. 10 AM)

Played with pups. (Necessary distraction, I love them.)

Unstacked dishwasher, re-stacked immediately and put on.

Remembered my girlfriend put on a load of laundry, hung it out.

Cleaned kitchen in prep for groceries and cooking dinner.

Put on another load of laundry.

Ran out to pick up groceries, picked up a few other odds and ends.

Got home, put away groceries.

Ate lunch. (Realised it was 230 PM)

Realised laundry had finished while I was out, hung them out.

Prepared slow cooker chicken curry. (Wrong by the way, added the coconut milk way too early)

Cleaned up the kitchen and unstacked dishwasher again.

Sat down to write. (Finally, around 4-430pm)

Needless to say, I didn’t get to write too much then as we fed the pups, then ate our dinner and then I walked the dogs. I think up until 10 pm, I’d written less than 400 words. Determination is key when trying to slam this thing out! After not watching (but seemingly watching) some Gilmore Girls, my lovely girlfriend went to bed and I wrote another 1400 words before 1145. Very happy to hit the daily target. Also weird to think that my total has hit ten percent of the total!

So, my breakdown so far is as follows!

Day 1 – 3531,  Day 2 – 1846

For a total of 5377!

What’s even better is how well I believe this writing is going. It definitely helps when you know a lot about the character and their motivations. Anyway, how are all you other NaNoWriMo writers going? Share your wins and your struggles here! I can support you! Let’s all help each other!

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